Raw Creamed Honey with Raspberries

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*Raw, Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, Cold Pressed

*Creamed with Real Raspberries

*100% Natural EU Ingredients

*High in Fibre, Antioxidants and full of Vitamins

*Non GMO, Cruelty Free

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We can assure you have not experienced the power of honey, if you are yet to taste raw honey. The honey is naturally sourced by  our passionate, cruelty-free,  non-GMO beekeepers. The benefits of raw honey are endless; it is a natural antioxidant,  antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  It also aids in reaching your full bodily  potential  by protecting the brain and our precious memories. To make the honey even more special, it is creamed with real wild raspberries that are rich not only in colour but in its benefits too. Wild raspberries contain natural antioxidants ,that help eliminate free radicals which are harmful to the body by filtering out harmful blue ray lights and preventing inflammation. They also contribute to the health of the brain  and the neurological system. The high fibre content in raspberries help manage various health conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, stroke and aid digestion. Not only is our honey packed with various benefits, but it is also irresistibly delicious.
We guarantee, one spoonful just won’t be enough.

LabNature's artisanal Raw Creamed Honey with the real Raspberries comes from the pollution free place in Europe and its being collected from meadows and the wild flowers. Is full of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. Non GMO, Dairy free, Gluten free, Nut free.

You might find the thin foamy layer on the top which one is high of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, is very beneficial and most importantly- extremely delicious. If you will find one- consider yourself lucky!


Ingredients: Raw unpasteurised EU honey, freeze dried EU Raspberries

Disclaimer: Not suitable for children under age of 12 months or if you allergic to the bee products.