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Creamed Raw Honey with Shilajit (Mumiyo)

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Raw Unfiltered Cold Pressed European Honey

Energy and Immune System Booster

Purified Siberian Altai Shilajit (Mumiyo)

100% Natural

Non GMO, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Suitable for Vegetarians

Organically Sourced

227g Jar

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We have combined our pure natural unpasteurised, unfiltered raw meadow and wild flower honey and purest Siberian Altai shilajit (mumiyo) to create the superfood of the highest quality with the double effect. Shilajit being collected by local people for centuries and being called "Killer of the all weaknesses". Our Shilajit (mumiyo) is hand collected by locals, comes from above 16,000ft above sea level and is of the highest quality. Contains very rare amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and vulvic acids.

The benefits of this superfood is countless: it might boost your energy level and memory performance, act as a libido enhancer, etoxifies pollutants, increases metabolism, regulates hormones and many many more to count.

Our honey comes from the remote and wild place in the North of the European Union and its being collected by the happy bees from meadow and forest flowers. Our raw honey is cold pressed with nothing added on with all beneficial components (enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants).

Due to its natural properties of crystallisation the honey may turn solid. If this happens, place the jar in a warm water to return it to its previous state and make it more liquid. Lab:Natures honey crystallises but always remains spreadable.

WARNING: This product is very powerful. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical conditions or under any medication, have heart related problems or high blood pressure please consult with your doctor before using this product. Also Shilajit is not recommended for people with urolithiasis.


Pure EU untreated cold pressed raw honey

Purified Siberian Altai Shilajit (Mumiyo, Mumijo)


We recommend 1-2 tsp per day in the morning with your meal. Never heat the honey above 40C or add to boiling hot tea or coffee as it might kill its active substances.