About Us

We have been born and grew up in the remote place of the Europe surrounded by pure nature. Where the air is fresh, free from pollution and where the happiest bees lives (according to EU statistics). Our family members been keeping the bees and producing delicious famous honey. This honey we grew on was the sweetest thing we always wanted. Later on we started to experiment with the flavours by adding natural berries or herbs. The outcome was amazing. So we introduced our new flavours to the local community and had only positive feedback. Soon we started our business by selling our natural flavour infused  raw unpasteurised honey.

We promise that our honey is:

*always Raw

*always unpasteurised

*100% natural

*nothing artificial

*no sugar added

*non GMO

*organically sourced

*cruelty free

*creamy and extremely delicious

Once you try, you want more and more and more...... and more!